Friday, 16 January 2009

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Hiya folx,

Here I am with my second ever blog entry - typed in dynamic Kenz-o-Vision (or something). Anyway, the last week or so has seen me doing battle with the Christmas order backlog - and I managed to blimmin' clear it too! So all the recent Binary Zone & Psytronik orders have now been sorted and the goodies are winging their way to lots of happy retro gamers around the world. Yay!

With the order backlog defeated I can now turn my attention to the new Psytronik releases for this year. I'm very pleased to announce that one of the first Psytronik C64 releases of 2009 will be 'Creatures' by Apex Computer Productions. This was originally published by Thalamus back in 1990 to mucho critical acclaim and earned itself a lovely shiny Zzap! gold medal. The 2009 re-release will feature brand new artwork by Trevor 'Smila' Storey - and you can see a preview of the stunning new design from Smila below. Neat eh?

And some more good news for C64 fans - a special collectors edition of the excellent 2007 game 'Joe Gunn' will soon be available! For this release Psytronik will be teaming up with fellow retro software publisher Cronosoft and we will be both be releasing the game on tape. I don't have set release dates for either Creatures or Joe Gunn as yet but I will post updates on the progress of the games in this here blog.

I've also started work planning a new website for Psytronik Software. As the 2008 releases were really well received and received some really great press I've decided Psytronik deserves its very own website rather than just a sun-section on the Binary Zone site. This will give me more room to include various sections in the website including the latest news, details of new releases, upcoming releases, press, history, this here blog, downloads, info on how to submit a game for release and so on. The new site is still being designed (mostly in my head) at the moment but I'll keep ya posted on the progress of the site in this blog.

That's yer lot for now. See ya next time!

Kenz /

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