Friday, 23 January 2009

The Mighty Blogg

Greetings Programs!

Lots of cool stuff happening with Psytronik this week. Firstly, the cover artwork for the deluxe disk version of Creatures has now been completed. The final box art has been approved by Apex who said looks (to quote John Rownlands) "f***ing awesome"! John is actually off to Cyprus to visit Steve (Rowlands) this week so I quickly posted him a mockup of the Creatures box - here's a photo of it that I took before I posted it to John - at the moment this is the only one of these in the whole world, ever!

I received the tape mastering software for Joe Gunn this week from Richard Bayliss which works a treat. Trev 'Smila' Storey also sent me the last bit of artwork I needed for the tape inlay so I got that finished off and the game has now been added to the BZ store (click HERE for the product info). I'm very pleased with this release as it's a great little game (well, I say little - it spans seventy screens!) and the artwork all came together nicely with a nice 'Indiana Jones in Egypt' type theme - here's what the finished tape looks like:-

So that's the first Psytronik release for 2009 sorted out! It looks like Creatures will be the big release for February and I'll also be focusing on The Last Amazon 1 & 2 twin pack as I'm busting to get that one released. Keep your peepers peeled for more info on those!

And finally, guess who I received an email from this week? Graham 'The Mighty Bogg' Marsh, that's who! It's always cool to hear from SID musicians (being the massive SID music fan that I am) so a few jolly emails flitted back and forth and a copy of his CD was duly posted for him to check out. After reading the interview with him that appeared on I realized I actually had a copy of his 'lost' Christmas demo that he mentioned in his interview and managed to reunite him with the demo which he hadn't seen for 25 years! Neat eh?

Anyway, enough of this crazy jibba-jabba (the hutt)

See you next time!

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