Monday, 24 January 2011

Does whatever a Spider can ... !

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Back in 2009 Psytronik Software published a very jolly platform romp for the VIC-20 called Carling the Spider ... The idea of the game was to manoeuvre weeny little Carling the Spider around several screens collecting glittering diamonds - just like real spiders, er, don't. Out to thwart Carlings jewel grabbing expoits are the diabolical BALLS OF STEEL who like nothing better than squishing little spiders.

The game was produced by Joe Dixon who managed to cram the whole kaboodle into an unexpanded 4K VIC-20. The game proved to be popular with VIC fans as it featured excellent Chuckie Egg style gameplay, responsive controls and was nicely presented to boot.

So why am I enthusing about this 2009 release? Because the game can now be downloaded for FREE! Simply head on over to the Psytronik website and grab yourself a copy of this nifty little platformer (click here to visit the download page). The free package includes both the PAL and NTSC versions of the game in .D64 format along with a text file that contains the game instructions along with info about how to run it in an emulator.

Carling the Spider 2!

And more good news for Carling fans - Carling WILL be returning for another adventure at some point - but this time on the VIC's bigger brother, the C64. We can't give away too much info about Carling 2 yet as the game is still being developed - but the work-in-progress screenshot below shows it's definitely something to look forward to! Keep an eye on for more info about the game.

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Sunday, 2 January 2011

Psytronik Software in 2011!

(Cue fireworks, clinking glasses, much dancing around and one big mother-hubbard of a hangover!)

Yep, here I am at last with a long overdue blog update to bring you all the latest news from Psytronik Software. Apologies for the huuuge delay since the last blog update, it was caused by a combination of various real-life issues which meant the development of new Psytronik releases had to slow down for a while ... But just because I haven't been able to update this blog for a while doesn't mean nothing has been happening with Psytronik - quite the opposite in fact! There's lots of exciting releases in development at the moment, I just haven't had the chance to sit down and type up the info about them all - until now! One of the first New Years Resolutions I made was to update this blog at least once a month from now on - so here's your January update from!

1,000 Kung-Fu Maniacs NOW AVAILABLE!

So lets get this New Year off to a very good start with a brand new release from Psytronik Software! The creative genius that is Alf Yngve never ceases to amaze us with his incredibly inventive C64 games and his latest offering is no different. 1,000 Kung-Fu Maniacs is a crazy side-scrolling beat 'em up set in the Ninja infested town of Blapsville. You are the MASTER OF AWESOME and are on a mission to find a missing toy robot - the only thing that stands in your way is a city filled with creeps, hoodlums, Ninjas and ... erm, MIMES?! The game features enhancements added by Richard 'Sub Hunter' Bayliss and superb soundtracks by Jon 'Sceptre Of Baghdad' Wells. And the good news is you can now download the complete game for FREE from and you will also be able to buy fully packaged Psytronik versions of the game on tape and disk later in January 2011. PREPARE FOR AWESOME!

Adventures in Time - Now Available for C16 / PLUS4!

The Psytronik disk version of this great game just managed to sneak into the Binary Zone Retrostore right at the end of 2010. Adventures in Time is a brilliant platform romp for the expanded C16 and Commodore Plus/4 that features a cute snorkel-headed hero who gets zzapped through time. The game features an intro sequence, excellent background graphics, nicely animated sprites and a simply wonderful soundtrack!

HYPER VIPER - Coming Soon! (C64)

Hyper Viper is a C64 conversion of a game released on the MSX way back in 1985. Jamie Howard has done a fine job converting the game onto the C64 which looks and plays just like the original - but now has improved presentation and music! The game features an officially licensed version of the track AM180 (you may remember it from the movie 28 Days Later) - You can hear the original version of the tune in the video below:-

Hyper Viper will be released on tape and disk for the Commodore 64 early in 2011. Keep an eye on the Psytronik website for more details!


Another Psytronik release for 2011 that I'm very excited about is SUB HUNTER for the Amstrad CPC. The CPC version of the game has been produced by Paul 'Star Sabre' Kooistra and he has done an absolutely incredible job in converting the C64 game onto the Amstrad CPC. All the features and levels from the C64 version of the game are present in the CPC conversion (including the gorgeous parallax scrolling) and the game also features a selection of fantastic soundtracks by Herve Monchatre. The Amstrad CPC version of the main game itself is now complete and Paul is currently working on a separate intro sequence for the game which will be released later this year on tape, disk and as a FREE DOWNLOAD for the Amstrad CPC. More info about Sub Hunter CPC can be found on the Psytronik website.


Those are only a few of the new releases currently in development here at the Psytronik HQ. I'm also hoping to release another game for the PC later this year, a follow-up to the Shoot 'Em Up Destruction Set for the C64 and there will hopefully be a Psytronik release of a sequel to a very famous C64 game ... Keep your peepers peeled on the Psytronik site and this blog for more info!

Thanks for reading, see you IN THE FUTURE!

Kenz / (02/01/11)