Friday, 2 January 2009

Captains Blog, stardate 02/01/2009

Greetings retro chums!

Welcome to the first ever Psytronik Software blog entry - tapped in by the Captain of the USS Binary Zone - Kenz!

I've decided to keep a blog this year as a way to bring you all the latest Psytronik Sofware news and info as it happens. But what the hecky-flip is Psytronik Software some of you may be thinking? It's basically a software label devoted to retro gaming systems - new games released on old systems like the Commodore 64 and ZX Spectrum etc.

Last year was absolutely AWESOME for Psytronik. The initial releases received some excellent press and were really well received. The year climaxed (oo-er) with the Psytronik release of Mayhem in Monsterland - the only game to ever be awarded a perfect 100% score by Commodore Format magazine!

Things went a bit berzerk right at the end of 2008 with me releasing SEVEN C64 disk titles simultaneously. I'd had LOTS of requests for C64 disk versions of the Psytronik games (which were only available on tape up to then) so the disk versions were eagerly snapped up by C64 fans.

Unfortunately the overwhelming demand for the Psytronik disks resulted in a bit of an order backlog which I'm currently wading through as quickly as possible. A big chunk of my Christmas break was taken up processing orders and I'm hoping to have the order backlog completely cleared by next week at the latest (fingers crossed!)

So that's the very latest news from Psytronik Software - keep an eye on this blog for exclusive news and info about the Psytronik releases which will be posted each time I have news about the games.

Keep it RETRO!

Kenz /

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