Monday, 2 February 2009

The mind bloggles!

Hiya gang,

Work on the re-release of Creatures continues apace - in fact, both the tape and disk versions are very nearly complete! The tape version features three files on side 1 - the main game remastered with a new loader, the intro sequence from the disk version complete with the Uncle Clyde pic as the loading screen and the Creatures 2 preview I mentioned in the previous entry. Side 2 of the tape contains the game data.

The disk version contains the complete 2-sided disk version of Creatures along with the Creatures 2 preview and a demo of Mayhem in Monsterland. I'm also very pleased to announce the deluxe disk version will be packaged with a free bonus music CD that contains the soundtracks from both Creatures 1 & 2 - digitally recorded from a real Commodore 64! Here's a picture of all the completed Creatures bits & bobs:-

The game will be added to the BZ Retrostore shortly after the 2009 Retrovision event (as soon as Apex have approved it all of course). :)

Moving away from Creatures (and the C64 in fact!) I received an email from Clive Brooker this week. He was responsible for the classic Mastertronic title One Man & His Droid amongst others. Clive has given me the go-ahead to re-release his Speccy titles which is exciting news for me as at last I'll be able to release a title for the ZX Spectrum on the Psytronik label. The first Psytronik Spectrum release will be a twin-pack that contains the games 'One Man & His Droid 1 & 2'. OMAHD 2 was never commercially released on the Spectrum so it's a nice little exclusive for Psytronik. Those games will be added to the Psytronik range in the next few months.

One last bit of nooz - I was very pleased to see the 15th anniversary edition of Mayhem in Monsterland has been given a glowing review in the latest issue of Retro Gamer (issue 60). The game has been awarded a whopping 94% in total which makes it the highest-rated Psytronik release yet! Nice one!!

Anyhoo, must dash now, I'll see you once I've recovered from Retrovision with a report on the event + lots of piccies!

Kenz /

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