Sunday, 8 February 2009

It's SNOW joke!

Hiya gang,

A bit of a setback for the Creatures re-release I'm afraid. The game was meant to be unveiled at this years Retrovision event but unfortunately a load of snow was dumped on the UK this week which meant there was no way I could make the journey to RV. Here's a pic of the Kenzmobile taken the day before the event:-

As the bad weather has thrown my schedule (and the whole of the UK) into turmoil I've decided to move the official re-release-date of Creatures back a week to give me extra time to add all the details to the BZ store. I also plan to give the Psytronik studio a bit of a spring-clean so everything is nice and organized for the Creatures release. If everything goes according the plan the game will be available on February 14th 2009 on tape and disk.

I'll see you all when the UK has thawed out!

Kenz /

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